Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thrift Store Finds

My husband's brother's family gave us this collection of antique silverware for Christmas. You probably don't know, but Matthew and I have been collecting silver-plated silverware for a few years and plan on using it when we have our own place again. I love the way these pieces are arranged in the box. This way we can display it until we want to use it! Thanks, J, C, N, L, R & E Williams!

I bought these canisters at a thrift store in Boise because I loved the red leaf printing on the side. They are white ceramic jars with wodden tops. I am going to refinish the tops with either paint or stain, I haven't decided.

These are the exact Christmas cookie cutters my mom has so I was very excited to find them at the same thrift store on a different day. The set was a mere $.53.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Crafts!!!

These are crafts that I made for the holidays this year. I have been really excited about doing this post but I had to hold off because many of these crafts were presents for my blog readers.

These were made for Solomon, my sisters 8-month-old. They are lined with polar fleece. I found a great pattern with instructions here.

These were going to be for my brother-in-law but Matthew ended up likeing them so well that I gave them to him. They are made from 100% lambswool sweaters from a thrift store that have been felted. After the wool is felted you just cut out your slipper pattern. I used one from, which is an ankle-height slipper but when I made the first slipper I decided that it was too floppy and didn't stay on well. That's when I decided to make them tall.

I made matching green slippers for my sister and her husband.

The pillows were made for my parents and Matthew's parents. I embroidered the design on a piece of muslin. Good pillow inserts can be purchased from Pottery Barn for a very reasonable price. These are 18" pillows.

Advent Calendar
This has been my biggest project this fall. I think I logged about 60 hours on this calendar alone so be cautious before taking on a project like this one. I found the stitching designs at various sites on the internet and some are even Microsoft Word clipart. Each of the squares are pockets but I haven't yet made something to move along each day from pocket to pocket. If you would like to see detail shot of the embroidery click here.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thimble Arts and Crafts

If you like to craft you have to check out this website: Thimble Arts and Crafts. I came across this blog after feeling inspired about Christmas crafts and I love the author's style. Her crafts seem very doable (which is BIG for me) and she has a very fresh approach to it. She also borrows a lot of ideas from other blogs so you can save time by just surfing her site.

These are Christmas trees made from cuts of old sweaters. I think it's a great I just have to start collecting old sweaters!

I have made a few Christmas crafts this year but many of them are presents so I'll post on them after the holiday--stay tuned!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I got in!

Wow, I have left you guys hanging for a long time--sorry! I have great news though. I have been accepted to Midwestern Univeristy's PA program. I was really impressed with the school when I interviewed there and they have a really great pass rate for the certification exam so I am very happy to be accepted to such a great school. Depending on how things shake out with my other applications we may very well be headed to Glendale, AZ in May. So I am really going to be a PA after all--does that scare you? :)