Monday, May 5, 2008

One semester almost down...

Pictured: The Science and Nursing Building at BSU. This is kind of a strange photo of the building where I spend most of my time on campus. You can tell when you are on the chemistry floor because students in lab goggles are running back and forth from the lab to the bathroom carrying cups of their urine and on the other side of the floor they offer for you to try samples of their homemade coffee--no thanks!

I am one week away from completing my first semester of prereqs for PA school. Here are some of the things I have learned this semester:

--Chemistry is the language of science; you have to understand something about chemistry to really understand how the world works
--The physiology of muscles and nerves -- it is amazing how quickly it happens
--How to do psychoanalysis--the basics anyway, so if you feel like you need a shrink but can't afford it, give me a call first :)
--How to titrate an acid and a base (it's about as exciting as it sounds)
--What quantum theory is about (makes you sound really smart for something that isn't that complex--at least on the beginning chemistry level)
--What exactly occurs when one injures their ACL
--How to condition a burette (not really useful in real life, ever)
--Why you should eat a diet low in salt if you have high blood pressure

Here are some of the study habits I have picked up:

--Reading the textbook (which is about a 100% improvement from my last year of college)
--Studying in groups--I am not a social studier so this doesn't come naturally to me but I have learned that it has some benefits
--Asking questions in class (this was not okay at BYU in a lecture hall of 600 people but here at BSU it seems a little more appropriate)
--Going to office hours to get help (again, not intuitive for me but can be helpful)
--Not procrastinating--I am not professing to be perfect at this one but I have become a lot better at doing things ahead of time

I really have enjoyed this semester, even though it has been challenging. I like the things I am learning about and I really like being in a learning environment. That's good since I have, what, three more years of this?!?