Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I finally have a picture to post so that means another blog entry.  Matthew and I dressed up for our ward Halloween party on Friday night.  He wanted to be a mummy so I decided to be Cleopatra.  It was fun to get all costumed up.

You may have noticed my disappearance from the blogging world.  I think the last 6 months of the didactic year of PA school pretty much sucked the life out of me but now I am doing clinical rotations and life is good. I did my first rotation in Salt Lake City at the VA hospital.  I was in an inpatient psychiatry unit and it was...well...pretty crazy :).  I really enjoyed psychiatry and learned a lot since most of our patients had very apparent pathologies.  Now I am doing pediatrics in Meridian and I love it.  I have never considered myself a "kid person" but I love the positive energy the little guys bring to my day.  Next week I start dermatology and I am looking forward to it because I think I will enjoy doing more hands-on types of things.

I will graduate in August and I am looking forward to escaping the student life.  Happy Halloween!