Monday, March 23, 2009

Love for Pandora

Who doesn't love Pandora? I started using this service when I was working at BYU a couple of years ago and continue to love it. Where else can you hear Colbie Caillat sing "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid and Jack Johnson all on the same radio station?

If you are so unfortunate as to have missed out on Pandora for the past few years, please--do yourself a favor--check it out now!

These are some of my favorite stations:
That's How You Know It's Love (from Enchanted)
Colbie Caillat
Antonio Vivaldi
Rascal Flatts

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Calling

In January I was called to be the Relief Society (RS) President in my ward. Matthew and I attend a married student ward so I am relieved to not have the complexities of a family ward but this has been quite a growing experience. I have some incredible women serving as my counselors and secretary which is a HUGE benefit. These are some of the lessons I have learned in my first three months on the job:

1. A calling like this can consume you, so you have to learn to compartmentalize your life.
2. There are people out there with bigger problems than you, trust me :)
3. People think that they are unique in being shy or feeling weird talking to someone they don't know--almost everyone feels that way.
4. Delegate.
5. It is tough to be the manager. I have managed in my previous work but it was nothing like this. It is really hard for me to be the one who is making sure everyone is doing their job without doing it for them.

I know many of you are LDS so if you are wondering, "What can I do to make my RS president's life better?", here are some answers.

1. Do your visiting teaching. There is a reason we harp on this all the time. It's a big burden to bear to be responsible for dozens of women.
2. Do your calling. Be as enthusiastic as you can about your calling and look for ways you can fulfill it.
3. Be friends with the sisters in RS. If you think you are shy see (3.) above.

Some of the blessings that I have received from this calling thus far are as follows:
1. An increased connection with the Spirit.
2. The ability to know the names and faces of the ~65 sisters in the ward.
3. A better understanding of what RS is all about and why we have it.

If any of you have any tips for a budding, young RS president please pass them on!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy

I thought this might brighten your day. It lasts about 4 minutes so give it a look when you have time. I'm not able to embed it so click here for a great video.