Thursday, July 30, 2009

Five Years

Matthew and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday and it's made me reflect on some of the things we've done these past five years:

June 3, 2004
I was living in NYC doing an internship with an advertising agency and living the dream, literally. Matthew flew in to visit and we spent the evening visiting the Manhattan Temple Dedication. Afterward we went for a stroll through Central Park and ended up on the tree-lined Poet's Walk cozying up on a bench where a month ago he had whispered, "I love you," into my ear. That evening we became engaged and our story began.

July 29, 2004
Megan called around first thing in the morning because I had forgotten to book an appointment to get my nails done. Luckily we found a place with an opening and rushed off for the matrimonial mani/pedi. Several hours of primping later Matthew and I were married in the Boise Temple for time and eternity. We had an incredible day with our friends and family enjoying the bliss of new love and marriage.

December 18, 2004
Matthew graduated with a B.S. in International Buisness Management and Spanish from Utah Valley State College. Whew!

April 14, 2005
I checked into LDS Hospital for a 5-day stay to have my first tumor removed. I had to arrange with all of my teachers to have my finals early and complete projects ahead of time so I could have the surgury during finals week. Additionally, the weeks prior to surgury required me to take medication to control my blood pressure and to slowly increase it until surgury. I started out taking one pill once a day and ended up taking eight pills twice a day! It the medication slowed me down immensely and, in some ways, that semester was my most difficult yet.

April 21, 2005
It was really important to me to attend my college graduation because I felt that I had worked hard to achieve that little piece of paper so when the surgeon told me I would be going under the knife one week before graduation I was determined that I would make it on the stage. My parents rented a wheel chair so I wouldn't have to walk far and Matthew pushed me around all day. I got a seat of honor on the floor of the Marriott Center with graduate students and Matthew sat close behind me. It was a long ceremony to endure even with the narcotics but I am so happy I was able to be there.

May 9, 2009
Matthew and I started our first college grad jobs. Matthew was managing a Tunex franchise in West Valley City and I was working at BYU doing marketing for the campus auxilliaries. Though my drea m was to return to NYC and start up an advertising career, it was a perfect transition considering my health and the wonderful support I received while working at BYU. My coworkers made it possible for me to have a job at that time.

July 29, 2005
I arrived in SLC airport around 7 p.m. with my parents. We had just come from Bethesda, MD where I spent the week getting a work up of tests to determine the location of my other tumors. Our first wedding anniversary was unconventional at best, but we did get to enjoy a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant.

April 2006
While driving home from General Conference I received inspiration that we needed to fulfill Matthew's life-long dream of taking a huge amount of time to travel. We spent the next nine months preparing and finally quit our jobs in December 2006 so we could have an adventure.

Traveling was hard on me because I really like to have a schedule and be accomplishing things on my list but that year we learned more about eachother than we've probably learned in the other four years combined. We shared so many great experiences that we'll never forget...and created our homemade RV we like to call the "Campry." The world is so beautiful and there are so many places I can't wait to get back to!

January 21, 2008
I guess traveling does change you because I started school on a Tuesday, down the long path to becoming a physician assistant. I loved being back in school but I worked hard. Science is not my forte and it took all I had to earn what I did. Matthew was a huge support to me in this transition. I guess I inspiried him because eight months later he caught my insanity and started taking classes to prepare for dental school.

January 12, 2009
I had just had my wisdom teeth removed four days before and suffered a flu bug in the process of healing up from that so I wasn't sure I was at the top of my game but I headed off to Meridian to interview for a seat in the Idaho State Unversity PA program. The interview seemed to go well and I wasn't disappointed because just two days later we celebrated a seat offer.

May 27, 2009
We took our last chance (for the next few years) for long, international trip and flew to Cancun, Mexico for some summer fun--two months of relaxation and chaos in Centeral America.

July 29, 2009
Five years--I love you more than ever, Matthew!!!