Thursday, January 12, 2012

How do you take care of sick people when you are sick?

This week is my first episode of being sick while working as a PA and it's harder than I thought.  The first few days I was pulling it off--stifling a cough by clearing my throat, blowing my nose in the back room, but today I have the full-fledged watery eyes, stuffy-nose-sounding voice, look-like-death thing going.  I have been sanitizing my hands about every 10 seconds but no one wants to see a PA that's sick.  I need a miracle cure and some Puffs Plus...stat!


  1. Get better! Take time to get yourself better and keep others from getting sick. Love you!!

  2. I'd start drinking vodka while on the job. Not only will you feel better but your boss will see many improvements in judgment and performance. I think you'd get a raise :)